Our Approach

With exceptional technical expertise, an unmatched dedication to taking care of her patients, and a bedside manner that has been lost by too many physicians in today’s fast paced world of healthcare, Dr. Nisbet is here to take care of you.

Our staff is here to provide the best possible service in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere not often found in today’s medical practices.

Dr. Nisbet's Story

“As a daughter of a physician, I have vivid childhood memories of going to my father’s office to watch him take care of his patients. The warm smile he would receive; the handshake or hug my father would get. It was a family atmosphere. It was that atmosphere combined with my love for science that designed my path toward practicing medicine. I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and take care of patients – just like they’re family.

After graduating from Emory University School of Medicine, I started my residency in Internal Medicine at Emory. It was during that residency that I started to see and experience how our healthcare system was affecting the way physicians, especially primary care physicians, care for their patients.  There was no longer the family atmosphere that my father provided to his patients.  Due to decreasing reimbursement rates and high overhead costs, physicians had to worry more about volume in order to make financial ends meet.  This resulted in physicians not being able to spend the time they need with their patients.  I saw how primary care physicians were all too often just referring patients to subspecialists. At this point in my career, I decided to pursue pulmonary and critical care medicine. While this meant I would be taking care of the sickest of the sick, it would allow me to do what I love best – take care of the person. Little did I know that in a matter of time the healthcare system would begin draining my time even though I was a specialist. I could no longer spend the time with each patient and their family members like I wanted to. So in 2014, after many long, late-night discussions with my husband, I realized that I had to try to re-invent my father’s practice.

For me, it’s about being patient-centered and proactive for my patients. I know my patients are better off when I discover conditions and diseases early.